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Cooking With Canola Oil

The healthy low-fat, high omega fatty acid content of canola oil make cooking with this oil of added benefit to the diet. This ideal oil maintains a high-smoke point for frying foods but like any other oil, canola burns at high temperatures. When used for grilling canola oil does not interfere with the flavor of marinades and sauces. Canola oil is clear, light oil with a gentle flavor that will not interfere with the taste of baked goods, oven prepared meats or sautéed vegetables. Using canola oil will lower the saturated and transfats levels of foods. In addition, the omega fatty acids in canola oil with add nutrition to the ingredients. Add sesame, sage, garlic, rosemary or small amounts of butter to canola for use as a salad dressing or meat drizzle.

Additional flavors mixed with canola make this oil ideal as dipping sauces too. As carrier oil in fondues, canola oil does not leave an oily residue when heated and mixed with cheeses and sauces. With long-term refrigerated storage, canola oil can thicken. Simply spoon the oil for reheating. As long as canola oil is stored in a cool spot, tightly sealed, it will retain its freshness. Canola oil moistens and tenderizes meats as well as aiding in the leavening process of baked goods.